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Stephane Koerwyn exhibition

After a 20-year career with Coca-Cola, where he was Marketing Director, Stéphane discovered art at an art therapy workshop.

In Paris, he took courses at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts and the Ecole du Louvre.

Stéphane Koerwyn is inspired by Pierre Soulages and Gerhard Richter. The contrast between his two muses, particularly in the palette of colours used, is clearly apparent in his work. His canvases are characterised by expressive colours against a dark background. He draws his inspiration from his emotions, which he translates into colour, and experiences each creation as a unique experience, a journey into the world of the imagination where artistic expression is above all a question of sensoriality.

In his quest for interaction with the public, the painter breaks away from the traditional canvas to venture onto a surface that absorbs his gestures as much as it reflects them: aluminium.

In his quest to go beyond the limits of painting, the artist is committed to overturning codes, wishing to take his works off the wall, set them in motion and go out to meet the public. This is how he came to develop an aluminium sculpture.

This new concept, which Stéphane calls “prêt ART porter”, enables him to bring his works to life by transforming his aluminium paintings into unique creations that take on the appearance of modern, timeless dresses worn by models at fashion shows.

His artworks are available for purchase in our hotel until 30 September 2024.

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